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The last thing you remember was stumbling out of the Castle Pub... it is pitch black... “Where am I?” you think to yourself?

Your thoughts echoes in the void... you feel something cold and damp against the side of your face.

Slowly your vision returns and you find that tiles are appearing around you. “What is this strange place?”.

“How do I get out of here!?”

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You stumble across a beating heart... your stomach growls...

You can't help but stuff your face with its warm sticky juices...

Your hands and face are covered in blood. But, you feel better somehow.

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Your head feels like it is starting to clear... was it those strange hearts?

Looking across the dark cavernous space, you see a key. Perhaps it will help you find your way out?

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The door has a note stuck to it that reads:

“It is time for bed. Thats all folks =) Back in 4 months.”

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You are feeling concerned... who would leave all these keys just lying around!?

...and, who built all these doors!?

All these questions are making your head hurt..

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